Phased Plan to Hosting On-Campus Worship

Our goal is to have individuals and families attending weekly worship services on our campus while maintaining a clean and safe environment and abiding by federal, state and local guidelines in regards to public gatherings.

We face some unique challenges due to the size of our congregation. Our physical spaces were crowded before this epidemic; with the social distancing recommendations it will be some time before we can have similar classes and activities in one physical location. This phased approach will help our church body ease into meeting together again while still keeping their health and governmental guidelines in mind. Just as the guidelines in our country continue to change rapidly, the details in this plan will also be revised as we see fit.

Phase Two

Effective Date: June 7

Overview: Northside will host services onsite at 8:00, 9:20, and 10:40 am on Sunday mornings. There will be no classes/programming available for children/students and there will be no Bible study groups meeting.

Several spaces (including the Worship Center) throughout the church will be open and available for individuals and families to use to participate in worship together. Several of these spaces will be identified as family friendly spaces (including the Worship Center) and other spaces will be designated for individuals/couples without children. Activities will be provided in spaces designated family friendly, however, parents are responsible for the supervision of their children throughout the service.

Our staff and volunteers will continue to clean and sanitize the building throughout the morning and clean each space between services. At the completion of each service, we ask that individuals/families gather their belongings and make your way to the parking lot if they would like to continue having conversations with others. This will allow our team adequate time to clean each space before each service. Likewise, if individuals/families arrive early for service, we ask that they remain in their vehicle until five minutes before the start of the service.

During this time, the building will be open to use during the week for church groups who have less than 10 individuals in their group. The building will remain closed to outside groups.

Seating: Limited seating will be available in the Worship Center. Every other row of chairs has been removed and we ask that individuals/families leave 3 empty seats between themselves and other individuals/families when sitting in the same row. Overflow seating will be available throughout the building in the following locations: Coffee Bar, Rooms 101, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 110, 300, 302, 304, Elementary Multipurpose Room, Preschool Multipurpose Room, and the Lower Room. A map of the building will be available upon entering and will identify the rooms that are open for use. Each room will also have a maximum occupancy sign posted next to the door.

Bulletins: We will not be handing out bulletins when we reopen for phase two. Instead, we encourage you to download the church app (text NCCBURG APP to 77977) where you can find all our announcements along with the sermon outline.

Coffee: While we enjoy providing coffee and tea on Sunday mornings, we will not be serving any refreshments during this phase.

Communion: We think it is important to partake of communion when we meet for services each week and we will continue to serve communion when we resume meeting. During the services, individuals will have the opportunity to receive communion at self-serve stations in the Worship Center and throughout the building. We will be using the two-cup method with the bottom cup holding the bread and the top cup holding the juice. Communion trays will not be passed, and those not comfortable with partaking in communion can remain seated during this time.

Offering: While we encourage our church body to give their tithes and offerings through our online platform on the website or church app, if you would like to give using cash or check you can utilize the Office Drop Box located in the main lobby.

Masks and gloves will be available when entering the building to those who wish to utilize them

Phase Three
Effective Date: Tentatively September 6

Overview: Northside will continue to host services onsite at 8:00, 9:20, and 10:40 am on Sunday mornings along with classes/programming for children/students during their regularly schedule meeting times (birth-5th grade: all three services; 6th-12th grade: 9:20 am service). Bible studies and church groups may also begin meeting again during this phase, regardless of group size. Our Senior Leadership Team will reevaluate at this time and make a decision on if a Saturday service is needed.

As usual, we ask that parents review the Well Child Policy and not check their child into any church event if they are sick or don't meet the requirements in the policy.

Our staff and volunteers will continue to clean and sanitize the building throughout the morning and clean each space between services.

This page will be updated as the reopening plan continues to develop.