COVID-19 Response

March 16 Update

Dear NCC Family,

What a wonderful weekend of services we had!  Although we had lower attendance on campus, we set a record in online worship!  Unfortunately, that record will be broken this weekend.  Our Senior Leadership team (Elders, Senior and Executive Minister) unanimously agreed to suspend our live worship services for an indefinite period beginning this weekend.  We also will be discontinuing all regular weekly programming and special events, both on and off campus, until further notice.  This was a difficult decision, but we believe God is leading us to do this for two primary reasons:

1)  Doing so will protect the most vulnerable among us, which God consistently emphasizes in His word.  If we continued our schedule unabated, many might get sick with mild or no symptoms, but some would perhaps be critically hospitalized or even perish.  We cannot allow that possibility to occur.

2)  Though we think it unlikely, it is entirely possible that no one would get sick at Northside.  However, we would far rather overreact and be wrong than to underreact and regret it forever. 

SO, how are we going to move forward through these challenging times?

1)  We will have a full worship service every weekend that will be livestreamed on Facebook, our website, and our app.  If you have juice and bread, communion will be a part of the service.  We encourage you to gather with those in your household and worship with us as we prepare for Easter.

2)  Beginning Wednesday, I will be recording special devotionals for these uncertain times that will be available on the same platforms.

3)  Our Student and Children’s ministries will be providing resources for parents and children to learn and grow spiritually, together!

4)  If you wish to have someone pray with you, provide counsel, or just chat, just call the church office 660-747-8632 or message us through FB, email, or the website.

5)  We will be mobilizing the awesome servants of #FORTHEBURG to serve those who are in isolation.  Initially, we want to provide delivery services (groceries, medicine, other essentials) to people that are housebound.  We need your help in two ways to accomplish this: a) if want to volunteer, please call the office or message us.  b) If you need this service or know of someone who does, please let us know, again in the office or by messaging us.

This is a fluid situation, so we will be posting regular updates on the platforms listed above.  Please stay connected with us even if we are not together in person; with God’s help we will get through this!  

For Him and you,


March 13 Update

Dear NCC Family,

I hope this note finds you well in body, mind, and spirit!  I know this has been an unprecedented and unsettling week for many, so I wanted to reach out and encourage you.

First, my message last week was another example of the Holy Spirit’s perfect timing, as I talked about the providence of God.  You can find it on our app, website, and Northside Facebook page. (Text NCCBURG APP to 77977 to download the church app)  I hope you will listen to it and resist our human tendency to worry, stress, and panic over the public health crisis incited by the COVID-19 virus.

Second, we are monitoring the situation closely.  As of now, we will have our services, classes, studies, and events as regularly scheduled.  However, this virus appears to be particularly dangerous for those who are over 60 or have a compromised immune system.  If you are in this group, it is completely ok for you to participate in our worship services online.  We livestream the services on our Facebook page, website, and on the church app every Sunday.  If you miss a service on Sunday morning, you can find recordings from previous weeks on those same platforms.  It is also prudent for anyone who is ill to stay home and participate with us online.  I know for some not being here might be disappointing, but I am glad we have the expertise and volunteers to help people “virtually” be here!

Third, we are implementing additional precautions as it pertains to cleaning and sanitizing our campus and also altering the method on how we distribute communion and collect offering.  Please help us to be models of good hygiene when we are together by washing your hands and taking advantage of the hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.

Fourth, I think this crisis is an outstanding opportunity for us to be FORTHEBURG.  Our leadership is discussing ways to help those who need to stay home, such as errands, maintenance, yard work, etc... Each of us can also individually be good neighbors multiple times a day.  It is what Christ would be doing.  I encourage you to seize each opportunity to show the love of Christ by intentional acts of service.  If you need help like I have mentioned above, please let us know by calling the office or messaging us through email or Facebook.

Fifth, we are thankful for your continued faithfulness in financially supporting the ministry at Northside. I have been reading of other ministers and church leaders who are worried about a big drop-off in giving during this crisis.  I am not worried.  As I often say, if we are actively doing the ministry and mission of the Church as Christ leads us, the money will follow.

Lastly, remember that the Lord is our Shepherd.  We don’t know what the future holds, but he does.  Yea, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for He is with us.  These are the times when our faith can shine brightest, so light up!

For Him and you,